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The Maryville Reads book has always been used by the freshmen for the first year experience, but Girl in Translation is the closest we’ve come to a common read for the entire community. The book is rich with a variety of themes that have worked for classes in Occupational Therapy, Graduate education, Business and Nursing. Beyond that, Girl in Translation has had a wide appeal, from the freshmen who are male to our major Maryville donors.

The students really enjoyed Jean. She was so personable. The students were very impressed with her and she had a good rapport with them. Both audiences loved her candor. The conversation just flowed…Jean Kwok was a very good match for Maryville. Her visit was quite an experience for our students, making Girl in Translation come alive!
—Eugenia V. McKee, Ph. D., Dean of the Maryville University Library, Chair, Maryville Reads




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Jean Kwok

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