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  1. Jean

    Michelle, I’m so glad that you saw something of your own story in my work. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Now that I live abroad, I really miss New York’s Chinatown. 🙂

  2. Jean

    Thank you, Paula, and I wish you the best of luck with your poetry!

  3. Michelle

    Hi Jean,

    Thank you so for writing Girl in Translation! As someone who grew up in Chinatown Manhattan, I saw many parallels between the book and my childhood experiences. My parents came to New York not knowing English and with only a high school degree from China. The immigrant experience is very real and the book spoke to me in many ways.

    – Michelle

  4. Paula Timpson

    Thanks for your beautiful stories. You are inspiring! Please enjoy my poetry. My books are on Amazon .Blessings! Our son is my forever muse. Luv, Paula Timpson