National Book Tour, the Beginning

There has been so much news!  GIRL IN TRANSLATION is now finally available and has already received an amazing amount of attention in the press.  It’s been picked out as one of the books to read by Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, O Magazine,, USA Today, and more!  I’m on the national book tour now, and am writing this on the airplane as I fly to San Francisco.

I woke up yesterday morning at 5AM in Raleigh NC.  Flew into Atlanta, then had to quickly iron my clothes (a big challenge for me) and rush off to:

Jean Kwok at CNN

I got my pass from the most elegantly-dressed security guard I have ever seen (I know, you’re all hoping for a picture of him, not the pass, but I was too embarrassed to ask for a photo):

Jean Kwok CNN pass

I was pretty nervous.  Anna Shcherbakova, the producer, met my media escort and me downstairs and led us up to hair and makeup:

Jean Kwok at CNN hair and makeup

No, my media escort Robert didn’t have to have his makeup done, he just took the pictures!  Then Anna brought us to the studio, where we met Jarrett, the other producer.

First thing I said to Jarrett was, “I really hope I don’t come across as an idiot.”

He said, “You won’t come across as an idiot.  But don’t sit on the mike.”

Once the taping began, they were so well-prepared and knew so much about me and the novel, that they really made it easy for me:

Jean Kwok at CNN studios

After that, I met the incredibly warm and intelligent Paula Gordon and her husband Bill Russell to be taped for the Paula Gordon Show.  Like she said, it was like we were doing a dance together.  I was so impressed by the in-depth questions she asked me. There was one moment when she asked me this very long question and I just had no idea what the question was, let alone the answer.  I looked at her, like, “What?!” and she very smoothly jumped in and rephrased it so that I could answer.  Whew.  That Paula Gordon’s a good dancer.

I think these taped segments are going to be some of the most illuminating media about the novel and me so far.

Then a very short break, and finally, the reading at the Georgia Center for the Book:

It was such a wonderful crowd, and not only were books sold and signed, but special GIRL IN TRANSLATION fortune cookies were given out (you can catch a glimpse of the cookies on the table):

The cookies have fortunes like, “You will love GIRL IN TRANSLATION”!  I know, my publicity and marketing team are amazing.  I also saw a GIRL IN TRANSLATION bookmark, folder, and poster.

This is me with Joe Davich, Assistant Director of the Georgia Center for the Book.   And that was my day yesterday!

I know this post is getting really long but I just have to put in one more plug for the fabulous folks at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC, where I was the day before yesterday.  The reading was so fun to do, and the people were so great:

So if you’re in CA, I’d love to see you at some of the events I’ll be doing today and tomorrow (click on the Events & Media tab)!

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6 Responses to “National Book Tour, the Beginning”

  1. admin

    Thank you so much, Marjorie — so nice for me to hear!

  2. Marjorie

    I have just finished reading Girl in Translation and I give it a 5 star out of
    5 star.
    I absolutely loved every page of this book and I highly recommend it.

    Congratulations on such a wonderful, page turner novel.
    The best I have read this year.

  3. admin

    Thank you, Kat!

  4. admin

    Thanks, Karel — I’d love to sign the book when I’m back! Please wish her a happy birthday for me!

  5. Karel ter Kuile

    Hi Jean,

    Wow; so exciting! Love this post; a ride on a rollercoaster with a dance in between. I just ordered the book to give to Marianne on her birthday next week. Will you sign it for her once you are back please? Good luck on the rest of the tour.

    Take care,


  6. Kat/Hawktail

    Wow! Great to hear you and Girl in Translation are getting so much good press, it’s entirely deserved!


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